Photography is a profession for some. For me - photography is relaxation and revival of the inner spirits. I have been shooting in the Bay Area - covering events and weddings; and even volunteered if the opportunity is something that I love. San Francisco Bay Area is home to a plentitude of cultures and being a photographer has given me the opportunity to experience the rituals and customs that imbue within these myriad cultures. I've had the opportunity to shoot American, Persian and Indian weddings, Jewish Bar Mitzvah's, Christian Baptisms, Baby Showers, Half Saree, Birthdays, Engagements and many more diverse events.

Over the years, I have worked on and mastered a photojournalistic approach to capture weddings and events. I believe in capturing the true candid elements that reflect the true mood and personality of a person - thereby creating images that shall always remain a classic and be cherished with the progeny.

I love what I do and my intent is to share this love through images that I create. If you are inspired by what you just saw - do not hesitate to get in touch with me and ask any questions that you may have. Click on the Contact page to reach out to me.

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